It is our aim to create a soothing atmosphere where you can reflect and recuperate.


Facilities include:

hydrotherapy massage spa pool with 3 sections massaging  the whole body (35° celsius)

  • homeopathic hot pool (39° celsius)
  • cold plunge pool
  • traditional dry or steam sauna
  • infrared saunas
  • there are 4 treatment rooms:
    • wet room with Vichy water treatments
    • facial room
    • massage room for 2
    • massage chair and foot spa for an executive pedicure
  • a double treatment room with its own private courtyard and steam room with a spa and a 2 person shower. The double pedicure station  is piled with cushions
  • the tranquility room with five recliner chairs is overlooking a courtyard with a water feature
  • the change room is fitted with lockers, providing you with all garments, slippers, towels and hair dryers you need. Bathing suits made of artificial fibre could cause a stroke since your body does not then have adequate release for the heat. Observe your body while using this facility and respect and respond to the signals. Duration given is a guideline only.
  • retreat in-house cafe

Signature treatment - Spa retreatVichy shower - Hydrotherapy

Signature treatment

A must have traditional experience
complimenting the Wellness Centre
House recipe body exfoliation followed by a Vichy water massage, hot towels, mini facial and Shiatsu style pressure massage.

massage - wellness centre

Aquador Retreat uses chlorine free underground water high in minerals that has multiple benefits.

As in the great bathhouse tradition, the retreat is designed to encourage harmony and relaxation.

What could be more relaxing than a visit to one of our spa rooms, with a wide range of body and skin treatments, using all natural products. A wonderful choice of facials, exfoliations, and hydrating body wraps, detoxing mud masque and vichy shower.

Choose your style of massage incorporating reiki, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, deep tissue, scalp & face massage, ancient therapies professionally performed.