Health Retreat Cafe

Gourmet - Health Farm Adelaide

Aquador’s cuisine focuses only on fresh, local products using natural ingredients, incorporating organic food.

Aquador has a new approach towards a healthier cuisine, exploring more natural and nutritionally balanced combinations.

Aquador offers a light lunch, with dishes easy to digest and a  dinner selection for overnight in-house guests.

Wines - Spa Accommodation Adelaide

The Café is fully licensed featuring a wine list primarily from South Australia and the local Adelaide Hills.

There are Certified organic wines ,  Biodynamically grown from The Food Forest in Gawler SA.

The region is well known for its wine, first settlers’ towns and history. The Adelaide Hills are only 30 minutes from the city centre.

Aquador can assist you with planning your excursions and is happy to arrange a game of golf, a visit to historic towns, the botanical gardens or wine tasting tours.

We provide a Tourist help desk with a large selection of maps, wildlife trails and walks.

We cater for our in-house guests only
We discuss and agree on the choice of meals
in the morning or over the phone when you book.
The menu is a indication of the food we serve
and is subject to seasonable change to
garanty freshness. Organic local produce is
given priority.