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Aquador Retreat set in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia

Aquador Retreat set in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia 90 min. from the international airport.
Inspired by ancient traditional customs of relaxation using Hydrotherapy, Aquador creates a space for relaxation health and wellbeing.
Take time out and connect with your true self with the use of:

  • Water to get in touch with your emotions
  • Sweating to eliminate and detox
  • Resting to get in touch with your soul

Hydrotherapy is a central feature of the Wellness Centre. Since ancient times, hydrotherapies have been used to assist in general health and well-being.
Aquador Retreat uses chlorine free underground water high in minerals that has multiple benefits.

1 to 7 Day Packages
Recuperate with a 1 to 7 day accommodation
Wellness Centre package
For a serious kick start for a healthier lifestyle
comme for 5-7 day cleanse and rejuvenation program

Reflect and Relax in a 2 day weekend.

Book for a refreshingmid-week stay.
A cleansing for body mind and soul

Health Retreat
The facility features hydrotherapy massage spa pool ,
homeopathic hot pool, cold plunge pool,
2 infra-red saunas and dry sauna with steam function,
wet and dry treatment rooms, double treatment room,
4 Bedroom accommodation
In-house chef for a light meal or something more sumptuous.

How to use the facilities.

The spa menu offers an extensive range of hydrotherapy and therapeutic treatments.
If time-out is essential for you
your time is well spent at Aquador.

Aquador would like to extend a special thank you to Westline Electrical Services for there continued support in making Aquador retreat the facility it is today:

Westline Electrical Services – Perth, WA 6000